Coventry Amateur Radio Society

The oldest affiliated club to the RSGB

We provide training and exam facilities for all 3 levels.

The Society has a full program of events and meets most Fridays at 8.00pm.

Visitors are welcome.

(Check our calendar for our current program)


How to find us

New membership Information


Please note that due to changes in Data Protection rules this year membership application has been updated.


Where to find us on the air

145.375Mhz. (2m FM Channel S15/ V30)

Used for outdoor events & “club nights”.
 An Open-Net is held every Monday evening 20:00-20:45 
An Open-Net is also held on Friday evenings when no meeting is scheduled.

7.175Mhz. (40m LSB)

Monday evenings when conditions prevail (+/-QRM)

50.175Mhz.  (6m USB)

Thursday evenings  19:00-21:00 NOTE TIME CHANGE

If you're interested in finding out more,

 contact our Secretary: John Beech


Phone: 07958 777363

Here's a short video from the RSGB giving an insight into our hobby

The Coventry Amateur Radio Society are willing to give talks and demonstrations to any interested groups.
Please contact the Secretary on 07958 777363.

Current News

April 2018
Please look at the new membership information above.



Apr 16, 2018

ISS SSTV Images 11 April 2018 from ESSEX HAM


Essex Ham has posted a new item: 'ISS SSTV Images 11 April 2018'


Posted by: M0IRT

Essex Ham has posted a new item: 'ISS SSTV Images 11 April 2018'

Want to try your hand at decoding images from space? Details of some good opportunities between now and Saturday 14th April 2018.

The last two passes of the ISS today (11th April 2018) have included some excellent SSTV images. These are being sent in celebration of Cosmonautics Day, and ARISS Russia plans to be sending images between [...]

You can view the latest post at:

Other news is summarised below - click the link for the full article

Apr 16, 2018
Posted by: M0IRT


Essex Ham has posted a new item: 'ISS SSTV Images 11 April 2018'


Feb 3, 2018
Posted by: M0IRT
You might have missed a great night !
Feb 1, 2018
Posted by: M0IRT
Proposed visit to Bletchley Park
Jul 8, 2014
Category:Special Event Stations 
Posted by: M0ZOM
Once again Coventry Amateur Radio Society had a special events station running at the Bramcote Barracks open day.
Mar 12, 2014
Posted by: M0ZOM
Did you know these radios had a hidden service menu? Here's why you should...
Oct 3, 2013
Category:Club Activities General 
Posted by: M0ZOM
Another evening of the popular "Great Egg Race"
Jul 23, 2013
Posted by: M0ZOM
An item we can all get behind!
Jul 13, 2013
Category:Club Activities 
Posted by: M0ZOM
Club Event - Castles on the Air at Kenilworth Castle.