Competitions & Awards

Throughout the society year Coventry Amateur Radio Society hold several competitions, as well as other awards. Details of these are:

Alphabet Contest (Orbis Vocum Trophy)

The Orbis Vocum Trophy is awarded annually to paid-up members of the society. The objective is to form the letters of the alphabet by taking the initial letter of the actual QTH of the station worked.



Claim Sheet PDF or DOC

Previous Winners have been:

2009 – G4GEE
2010 – G4GEE
2011 – M0CAR

G2FTK Memorial Trophy

This trophy is awarded in memory of Arthur Noakes, G2FTK, who was a member of the society from its founding in 1932 until July 2008.

The trophy is awarded to the person who has contributed most to the promotion of the society’s aims in the current society year.

Nominations for the award can be made by any two paid up members of the society on a claim form supplied by the Secretary. The submission should explain the reasons for the nomination.

Claims must be submitted to the Secretary by 31st July.

In the event there is more than one nomination the committee shall discuss the nominated persons and decide upon the winner. The reasons for the choice will be made at the annual dinner.

Previous winners have been are listed here:

G2FTK Memorial Trophy Winners

Godiva Award

This award is available to all licensed amateurs and short wave listeners with a certificate being awarded. Details of how to achieve the award are given in the document below.


Godiva Award

2M Direction Finding

The society holds a number of 2 meter ‘fox hunts’ during the year. These all start from St Bartholomew’s Church Hall on a Friday evening with the fox (station to be found) located according to the rules below. No special equipment is required to take part with many society members just using a hand held transceiver, compass, pencil, ruler and a copy of the OS map 140. These events are open to team entrants or individuals, so why not have a go? Dates for events will be announced in the societies programme of events.


2m Direction Finding Rules

2m Direction Finding Previous Winners

Michelle Penn Memorial Trophy

This trophy in memory of Michelle Penn, daughter of Mike Penn G7JYY

1/ This is an annual trophy which remains the property of the Coventry Amateur Radio Society.   

2/ It is open to all members of the Society who abide by the rules & submit a log within the prescribed dates. Portable & mobile operation is permitted within your own DXCC country.

3/ The contest is based upon stations contacting or receiving other amateur radio stations who are located within places twinned with The City of Coventry in England. The emphasis is on the word within, near to or close by will not count. A current list will be made available to participants along with a log sheet.

4/ The duration of the contest is between the 1st of January and 2 weeks prior to the AGM of the society each year.

5/ The licensee or listener who claims by written log to have contacted or heard the greater number of individual twinned cities will be deemed the winner. Repeat contacts on different bands will be allowed. In the event of a tie or ties, the trophy will be shared equally over the year.

6/ The log is available below. Claims by licensed stations to complete the log in the usual way. It is preferred that listeners report a QSO rather than just a CQ or similar call.

In this case, the callsign of the claimed station & that of the station contacted by the claimed station should be recorded in the log. The signal report should be that which is exchanged by the stations you are logging. This allows the claim to be checked should the need arise.

7/ The trophy will be presented in accordance with practice as laid down in the Society’s handbook.


Entry Sheet EXCEL